Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev - The Mystic Inside


The drive back home, after a meeting with Sadhguru was a bit disquieting. I could not decide whether the person who just spoke to me alone for about an hour was a spiritual guide, healer, workshop trainer, and starter of a religious cult, a Mahatama, a yogi or a mystic.

During my meeting with him at a private getaway at Chattarpur on the outskirts of Delhi, crowds of people gathered around the closed door, while he gave me and another friend, audience. My mission - to gain a greater understanding about him. As I fired questions at him, and scribbled on a notepad, he smiled and said to me that nowadays most people record interviews and how come I am still holding onto a notebook. I replied that I guess I was old fashioned and did things as Im used to! He laughed. And when I asked him who is he…. is he any of all those listed above….

He again laughed and said Im the mystic inside you! In that moment I caught something, which my brain cells could not process immediately. But later as I drove down a long winding road in the darkness, I felt a lurch and suddenly it was all clear…I felt he was projected out as a visual from deep inside me, and my brain also finally concluded what it was told to perceive at that time…for that fraction of a second when he said he was the mystic inside me…I felt he was not there…and a sort of frontal image of him in robes hovered in front of us on the sofa. It was as if he had floated away and only his image projected from deep inside me.

And in that instant on the road home, I understood what he kept saying all along the interview, that he was inside of me, and all that we see outside is actually inside. So much so, that he terms his work with individuals as “Inner Engineering”. Ah, I finally got it!

“Human beings have tremendous potential and it is this potential we want to bring out through Inner engineering!”

The same way Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev experienced inner engineering in his life when he was 5 years old!

“ I grew up as a skeptic, me and spirituality were allergic to each other. My family was religious, but they could not answer any of my questions on religion, so I didn’t enter temples with them. In fact I spent most of my time outside, guarding my family’s chappals (footwear).”

“Later when I was 10 or 11 years old, I would hear everyone talking about God, so I would stand outside temples waiting to see people’s faces, expecting them to be ecstatic after a meeting with God. But I didn’t see any ecstasy on their faces; in fact they would swear and get angry if their chappals were lost! I noticed people who came out of restaurants had more joy on their faces, than those who came out of temples!”

The Dhyanalinga consecrated by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, measures 13' 9" and is the largest mercury based live linga in the world. In the metaphysical sense, Dhyanalinga is an energy center where all the aspects of life are enshrined in the form of seven chakras energized to the very peak and locked.

“ Spirituality is not an ideology, it means you don’t identify with anything, you don’t seek answers but deepen your questions”, he continued. Like children should never be ‘taught’ spirituality, just leave them alone to ask questions, and they will become spiritual”

“Now I understand how deeply spiritual I was, always asking questions, that is the way.
Spiritual process is a journey, not a teaching or an ideology, and everyone can go on this journey. We all posses simple technology to go on this journey, we tell you how to use it!”

“We tell people about Yoga, and how it can transform their life…but not just in the spiritual realm. There are four components of life, which need to be given equal weightage; otherwise human beings can become socially irrelevant”.

“ The four areas of life are body, mind, emotion and energy. All four need to be in synch, like the four wheels of a car. Each individual has each of these components in different measure, some acquire more knowledge, and some are more emotional and so on. A prescription for any individual would comprise of yoga for each of these components. These are Gyan (Knowledge) yoga, Bhakti (emotions) yoga, Karma (action) yoga and Kriya (energy) Yoga.

“It is very important for an individual to acquire the correct prescription from a guru.
If you use only one of these components for your spiritual journey you will go out of synch. You need to take all four along with you.”

“It’s in every human nature to expand, to become limitless, after his basic needs for survival are met with. But the body has physical boundaries. If he expands on the materialistic plane he will desire more riches, but an expansion in the spiritual realm will set off his journey, the inner journey.”

“Yoga takes one to another dimension, but done improperly, it can be harmful”
“It can transform your body, the way it did mine”, says Sadhguru.

But its not superhuman, it’s a source of creation and is available to all”
People are talking about God, divine, bliss, joy and transferring all these to heaven. But these are available to us from within, so why send them to heaven”, he laughs.

“Everything is human, is within you, but you are not seeing it. We only see what we need for survival. When we go beyond survival, we actually start seeing everything that is within us”

“A simple way to enhance our perception is to see life with more clarity. That happens when we experience bliss and joy. When I relax my perception expands”.

Isha Foundation(, founded by Sadhguru, is a human service organization, which has over 2,50,000 followers and volunteers worldwide.

Sadhguru (, who is based out of Coimbatore, India, works to introduce people to essential changes in thought and action that support peaceful possibilities. His initiatives for world peace and his outreach programs for life-term prisoners, destitute children and rural rejuvenation are internationally renowned, with centres in many countries such as U.K, USA, Australia, Canada, Germany, Holland and Singapore. Due to his international acclaim and a vast following of devotees, Sadhguru was invited to talk at the World Economic Forum in 2008, for the fourth time, consecutively.

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