Saturday, June 7, 2008

Letting go of Sadness and dissapointment

Letting go of Sadness and disappointment

Sadness and disappointment result from misplaced expectations. This insight is very valuable and the very essence of life. It helps to let go of karmic patterns.

Actually it fits in with all the advice of the Masters and gurus to remain focused, setting your goals and taking affirmative action for achieving them.

My insight is – to expect to get from a place or situation, what you are supposed to get. Simple example, if you go the bank you cannot expect to buy your vegetables from there! See the bank as a mechanism to organize your finances better, not your domestic organizer. Yes, one MAY lead to the other, for if your finances are better organized you can have the resources and confidence to do more for yourself in life.

If you visit somewhere be clear what you there for. If you go to the gym, hope not to find your mate there. For such misplaced expectations are the source of all sadness resulting from and in a karmic pattern.

If you go to the gym and are constantly hoping to find your soul mate there, then boy you are in for some disappointment, especially if you don’t find him/her there even after years!

What will happen is, that you wont have the correct mindset about what you really are there for, and i.e. for the sole purpose of fitness. Your body will not respond to such a defocused mindset. As a result you will get neither, a fit body or least of all your soul mate. If you realize that your sole purpose of joining a gym, is physical fitness, then perhaps you will realize that you don’t even need to join a gym and spend precious hours over there and not to forget the money. Perhaps you can do it at home, by buying a few basic weights, going for a jog or cycling and…there are numerous options. And that way you may have enough time to spend looking for a mate!

Most of us spend our lives ‘looking’ for things at the wrong place. This leads to expectations, disappointments and perpetual sadness, feeling of failure, despair, sadness, loneliness….and so on. Soon a poisonous web surrounds us, blocking us from recognizing and reaching our real goals. If we are able to recognize this, find the real purpose, we would be able to focus better, achieve, attain confidence and find happiness and peace.
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