Friday, June 6, 2008

Exchange Energy

This is what I would like to name, my latest experience with my self. This came to me suddenly a night before, in the evening. While going about my work. I could make out suddenly (could only call it a flash) that I can exchange energy at will.

At that precise moment I think I did exchange energy, with someone, someone who had left me drained in the past. My experiences in the recent past have shown me, rather revealed to me how affected I can be by other people’s energy.

This happens when someone wants something ‘out’ of you. This feeling, which the person habors, actually ‘drains’ your energy ‘out’. This person’s strong desire to take something out of you, results in this feeling. Learn, recognize and deal with this to heal yourself.

What to do at this point.

The way to move forward from this point is to stop this connection, which the person has with you. The way I used to feel it, I would need to lie down, and sometime sleep for an hour to regain my energy. This wanting made me so drained and tired. Sometimes for days.

The first step is to understand who is the person who has expectations from you. The act of recognizing itself would distance you off from him. One can also undertake a mental cutting (snipping off) of the energy link. This can immediately make one feel better.

When I was looking for a ‘solution’ for this, I came across many methods to begin this healing, to be able to cut off this energy drain. There are various methods, which I came across, told to me by concerned friends and other spiritually inclined people. These are to mentally build a bubble of white light around you, pushing back with vengeance and determination, healing your Chakras (the underdeveloped ones), wearing the appropriate stone etc

But, I’ve now hit on my own way to defend myself; it has come to me with the blessings of Sai Baba. The remedy is to quickly exchange energy with that person. The steps, which have led me to this, include being able to feel a person’s energy permeate me. This actually helps to accept the person’s energy and absorbing it, to cancel out its negative effect. This was the first step, the second was when I began to feel my own energy or self, that is apart from my body, which inhabits this body. I felt this energy rise and fill up the whole room, and perhaps a larger area.

I had this sublime experience while moving in line for darshan of Sai Baba at Shirdi in November 2007.
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