Friday, July 11, 2008

Aim for 80:20 in day to day life

Aim for 80:20 to reach your goals in life

Most of our lives we drift. This drifting results in keeping us away from our goals. And we drift because we keep ourselves away from our goals, and not anyone else! It is because we are unable to focus on our priorities. In fact we end up focusing on other people’s priorities more than ours! In the sense we do what we are told to, or what is expected of us or what we perceive is expected of us.

For this, no one is responsible but us. We begin the day, and jump around doing this and that…do we for a moment relax and think about what is our priority for the day? Even if we think we know, if you examine closely many of these tasks we perform on a priority on a daily basis are because due to someone else or circumstances.

Is what I’m doing now, taking me closer to my goal? What is my goal? What is my ambition? And if my ambition is this or that, am I acting and behaving in such a way, everyday, that it takes me closer to that goal. Perhaps not.

If one focuses on one’s own priority in the ratio of 80:20, on a day-to-day basis, we will all reach our goals faster. This rule means focus on your priority 80 percent of the time and the rest 20 percent.

Even your duties and responsibilities to others may come within this 80 per cent; you are doing this to achieve your goal of fulfilling your duty.

Our goals are not just those, which result in success and achievement at a material level, but goals, which will take us directly to our tasks in this life. Many of these tasks are leftover from previous lives, or at least are a result of our actions in previous lives.

Let our inner light guide us, and we will reach them, reach them faster, so that we can move on to the higher goals. This would be our karmic path and then that ultimate goal of taking the spiritual path.

Let us not be prevented from reaching that through distractions and obligations to others’ tasks. If you feel your task is to give priority to others’ tasks, then so be it, perform it and move on.

This rule will give you clarity on your inner self, open up your ears to the inner voice and put you in touch with your higher goals.

Then your spiritual path will open up.

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