Tuesday, March 17, 2009

World Economy needs to roll back to previous version

Yes, that’s the solution to the current economic crisis. Just like in a computer, when you install a programme for which there does not exist adequate space, operating system or rather just a big enough framework, the new programme will slow down your system and even crash it! Haven’t we all experienced it…that’s the plain logic, which needs to be applied to the world economy.

Let me explain a bit how! What was the broad situation before the crash! The world was becoming an expensive place, there was a lot of everything, the rich becoming richer, poor becoming poorer, social and economic inequality was widening, salaries were rising, more and more production, newer technology, higher prices for newer goods, booming stocks as there was a lot of money supply, real estate going through the roof, high interest rates, rising prices of commodities, money available for everything, infact everything was on a high.

BUT was there a big enough framework to contain all this. No. AS we did see from where the crash started. It began with the crash of Lehman and brothers, the collapse of banks and companies; especially those, which had, fudged accounts for years.

Framework means everything. Social, moral, spiritual and psychic …that underlying basis on which humans and humanity exists. Yes, there was money but the system, call it the Matrix, had not yet evolved enough to absorb and make proper use of these resources. So, for now a rollback will give everyone another chance to upgrade, so next time around the boom is justified and accepted.

Just as we will not experience any situation in life till we are ready for it, so the same is with the economy, because the economy is nothing but the sum total of the work we all do and the money we earn. If we try and force a situation according to what we want rather than what we are ready for, we will fail hopelessly.
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