Friday, April 10, 2009

If you are sleep walking through life….

If you are sleep walking through life, then the Avatar is for you!
Sounds like a message about the promised savior who is supposed to come into our lives, when we are ready according to our Karma. But Avatar is actually a course of study, of personal growth, for tapping the consciousness, for freeing the subconscious, for spiritual enlightenment, or whatever each person who has gone through it will describe it as.

The Avatar course was established and taught by US based Harry Palmer for the first time in the eighties. Since then it has blossomed into a worldwide fraternity of more than 50,000 Avatar graduates, which is growing rapidly ( ). At the age of 23, Harry seemed to have all the answers. But as people who first did the course discovered, all those answers are within reach, you have to just change the way you question yourselves.

“It is all about managing your beliefs”, says local Avatar Master Maanik Mahan, who is now overseeing the growth of a fledgling Avatar community in Delhi. This community met for the first last Sunday in South Delhi and pledged to propagate the Avatar courses more rigorously in Delhi and its suburbs. “ We all need to look closely at our belief systems and see how we are questioning ourselves each day. Are we questioning our circumstances rather than our beliefs? Harry says that if we just learn to change our beliefs we will no longer sleep walk through life. Changing our beliefs does not take much more than looking at them closely and seeing how they are manifesting in our daily lives”, Says Maanik, who is also a garment exporter and music connoisseur.

“Before I took up the Avatar courses I was sleep walking through life, not knowing what my life was all about. The power of the Avatar courses shook me up. For the first time n my life I learnt all about ‘living deliberately’. That’s how all my interests and all that I wanted to do in life manifested and now im able to manage my life in a powerful and holistic way” he says

More and more young urban professionals in a bid to find the answers to their life’s task are taking to such soul-searching. While religious and deeply spiritual paths appeal to those who are ready to dedicate their life to intense spiritual search, there are others who want to take the ‘middle’ path. The Avatar study courses are just that. They delve deep into your day-to-day life, your thoughts, judgments and opinions and teach you to let go of them and live life with the way you want to.

An Avatar Master with a student

“The moment you change your beliefs, the magic starts unfolding,” says Sunny Johar, another Avatar Master, who is also a corporate trainer. “ The universe steps in to help, the moment you decide on the belief you want. You can have any life you want, if you can just destroy your negative beliefs”, she adds.

The manifestation of the life you want occurs just as described in the popular theory of our times as expounded in the book and movie “The Secret”. But believe me none of the “Secret” secrets will work unless all the beliefs at the back of your mind are in tune with you desires. It takes a lot of, sometimes-painful work and skillful mastery of an Avatar master to recognize them. Some of your own beliefs may astound you. Letting go of some may produce uncomfortable physical sensations for some while others may encounter an iron wall within themselves, which prevents them from feeling anything.

For those interested in following the Avatar courses in Delhi, Course I, aptly titled ‘Resurfacing’ will begin on April 11. This course is for two days, followed by more intense courses, which will systematically create a new life for you.

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