Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Waning Moon is conducive for finance

It’s that time of the month when the moon is waning. When one’s personal energy also seems to be declining. We tend to sleep more, postpone errands and meetings and find ourselves with a lot of time to pursue our own agenda. It’s a natural process and I look at it as a time when our personal energies get freed up from the influence of the powerful energies of the moon. We feel less emotional and more business like.

What I am getting at for now is that the dark side of the moon is more conducive for financial transactions. I have noticed that payments come through usually during this phase. So, which other time could be more appropriate for a prosperity mix of essential oils. I suggest an orange aroma with a sharp ‘green’ twist to it. So, I’ve gone for Neroli
(which is actually an oil extracted from Orange blossoms and has a sharp aroma which reminds one of green vegetation) and sweet orange. There is bitter orange too, which I could have used, but I have not been able to procure it. That’s next on my list for experimentation. Also, I'm not sure if there is a separate oil termed ‘Orange blossom’. I believe the orange blossom essential oil is called Neroli. There is a slight difference of extraction though which produces two different essential oils. So, I hope some day I do get the Orange blossom oil.

Neroli oil, I procured online from , from a supplier from Uttarakhand ( ). Im excited to learn more about this oil. Meanwhile, my mix has come out perfect in Til oil and it has had wonderful impact!

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