Monday, August 17, 2015

Getting started with Aromatherapy massage and perfume oil

Getting Started with Aromatherapy
Its the new moon! And what better day to start your journey in discovering the benefits of Aromatherapy. Make your own simple Cinnamon massage oil, full of aromatherapy benefits for the season ahead. 
Put some pieces of Cinnamon bark in a glass bottle. A 30 ml bottle would do.
Fill it with sesame (Til) oil. 
Shut the cap tightly and shake well. 
Keep for a week and start using for a light massage before bath. You can also use few drops and rub on your arms etc after your bath or before the last rinse. Begin using preferably before or on full moon day. 
You can retain the cinnamon inside the bottle. It will keep giving its aroma to the oil as the days go by.

The sweet and warm aroma will keep you focused in the autumn days ahead. Its a great way to prepare for the heavier aromas used in the winter. 
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