Monday, August 24, 2015

Getting started in Aromatherapy by using your first self made massage oil

Getting started....
If you are making the cinnamon massage oil, which we wrote about last week. Here is what you do if you feel your oil is 'made'. Open the bottle and smell it. If you can smell a subtle to average aroma from the oil, consider it adequate and you may be ready to remove the cinnamon bark from the oil. However, if you like your oil to be more aromatic then you can screw the cap back on and keep for another week. But be careful to use it from full moon day. To remove the bark, sieve the oil through atleast two pieces of thin cotton cloth and collect in a glass bottle. Sometimes the oil does not come through the cloth. In that case use one piece of cloth, but sieve it twice. 

This will remove any sediments or impurities. If you like you can use the oil while retaining the cinnamon. You can add a few cloves to it in a few weeks to make the oil even more warmer. Take care to observe that no mold collects on the bark or in the oil. In that case do not use. Use a clean and dry glass bottle to prevent the oil from going bad. You have your own home made massage/aromatic and perfume oil ready. Use it and tell us how it feels.

Tie a ribbon around it and the bottle can make a great gift too!
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