Saturday, September 19, 2015

Weekend project for making your own floral water

Weekend project for making your own floral water
Wondering what to do with all those flowers blooming in your garden or balcony? You can make a nice scented floral water which can be used upto a few days as a personal perfume or aromatic spray for promoting your well being.
Collect the flowers, preferably in the evening and spread them out on a white cloth. In a moment you may say tiny insects leaving the safety of the petals and revealing themselves on the white surface.
Take a glass bowl and fill it half with water.
Put the flowers on a white muslin cloth and immerse them in the bowl.
Do not let the flowers float into the water. Keep them over the cloth
You can cover the bowl lightly with a lid. Keep over night. Ensure that the water does not spill out via the cloth. 
Keep over night. Next day pull out the cloth and lightly press to drain out any water. Now use a funnel to bottle the sweet scented floral water from the bowl.
You can remove any plant remnants by keeping a muslin cloth in the funnel to filter the water.
Inhale or use as a splash to surround yourself with its garden aromas.
You can use it upto 2-3 days, after which it may go stale and start smelling bad. 
Working with flowers is therapeutic and making it will promote your well being. Take note of any changes in perception around you. 
Some pics to illustrate...


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