Monday, March 28, 2011


A refreshing bath salt, with fragrance of Orange Essential oils and other moisturizing oils for adding into your bath water. Helps you transition your mood and your energy smoothly into the new season!

The hot sunny season has arrived. Did anyone see any sign of spring?
The spring season in Delhi has become too short and hardly leaves any mark on the season calendar. I mean you might as well say Delhi has four to five seasons…Hot Summer, Monsoon, mild winter and/or severe winter.

The evenings are still cool and refreshing. I’m sure most of us are ruing the upcoming summer season when the nights are going to be as hot as daytime.

While most of us have devised our own ways of keeping cool, to keep us energetic and on the go, it is also important to work on our energies to ensure that they do not flag under the hot sun. To keep upbeat and positive and to gain that morning spark here is a recipe for a pleasant bath salt blend.

Though aromatherapy is not a full fledged recognized science, its benefits have been experienced by people who practice or try it on themselves. Each of the Essential oils, which are used in Aromatherapy, corresponds to healing a particular condition/organ/mood etc.

Most important of all, Aroma cleanses and heals at a spiritual level, which ultimately determines our physical, mental and emotional condition.

My Home Spa Treatment

A refreshing Orange sea salt in your bath for smooth transition into the hot summer season and for moisturizing the skin
Gives a boost to your mood and energy in this season

How to Make and Apply My Treatment

Fill a glass jar with sea salt. If the granules are big and lumpy, grind them naturally (not through an electrical appliance) so they can dissolve in water easily.

In this jar put about 6-7 drops of Orange essential oil and 2-3 drops of Jojoba oil. Shake it well so that the sea salt mixes well with the essential oil.

Close the jar tightly and keep it for 2-3 days before using it.
For using, drop about one teaspoon (you can use more if you like) of your Orange salt in your bath water tub or bucket.

The aroma of the essential oil and the salt will boost your mood and energy, preventing it from wilting under the hot sun. It will stay with you till you get used to the heat. The Jojoba oil will moisturize your skin and prepare it for the upcoming season.

Note: You can experiment whether you want to use this bath treatment daily or once in a while. I would suggest that it should be used twice in a week.
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