Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lemon fresh indoors to tide over the monsoon

Use Lemon essential oil for keeping your indoors fresh and smelling good as the season becomes heavy because of the monsoon.

Our Monsoon season can be divided into two parts, the summery hot and humid monsoon and the heavier cooler monsoon which begins around August. Well August would ideally be autumn according to western season cycle, but here in India, it is ‘sawan’. This season brings with a definite chill in the air with thoughts of snuggling into your bed or wearing heavier clothes when you go out.

In other words we start looking forward to winter, even though winter is still at least three months away.

At this time I suggest using the wonder oil of ‘Lemon’ to keep your indoors fresh and energized. You will be spending a lot of time indoors, especially if it rains continuously.
My recipe for an indoor/bath fragrance

Will energize your mood and prevent inertia and boredom. Fragrance of Lemon essential is pleasant & non-intrusive and brings mental clarity.

The oil is antiseptic as well and has a sterilizing affect on your bathroom/room floor. Will keep away insects.

Will protect your aura from being attacked

How to Make and Apply My Treatment
Take a medium sized bottle and fill it with distilled water. You can also use boiled water or ordinary water. Pour 3-4 drops of essential oil of Lemon. Shake vigorously. It’s now ready for use. Now inhale the aroma from the bottle. Can you smell a light refreshing lemon fragrance? This fragrance will fill up your bathroom, if you put a few drops of this liquid in a quarter bucket of water and splash it all around in the bathroom.

Also use a few drops in the water while mopping the floor. But I suggest using it only in the bathroom or in one of the rooms at a time. Otherwise you may feel overpowered.

Use of Aroma-therapy on the self should be slow and subtle, as its effects can be far reaching.

Note: If you don’t have essential oil, you can begin by using the peel of actual lemons. You can rub these on door handles, especially the front door and table tops for releasing the oil onto the surface and giving off the light fragrance.
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