Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How do you Feel?

‘How do you Feel’, maybe an often used phrase in interaction between two persons, but may very well be the truest when it comes to personal healing. For there is nothing more reflective of our circumstances, than our feelings.

The world whizzes by - sometimes slow, but sometimes at breakneck speed. Our surroundings are sometimes comfortable, sometimes full of obstacles, smooth or  bumpy, we are ill and sometimes we are on top of the world. But ‘How do you feel’ is what matters the most.

Our emotional response to situations is the correct barometer to measure our own health and our ability to deal with and face up to our circumstances.
Mercury is retrograde. So, how do you feel? Fearful? Anxious? Uptight? Confused? If so, rid yourself of these emotional responses to heal yourself and get confidence to move on.

I have used Essential oils of Orange and Basil in Sesame carrier oil. They have wonderful uplifting properties. Waiting to see what unfolds next!

What the above combination triggered was almost 'magic'. I lost all my fears, and went ahead with confidence to finish up a big went off smoothly despite many ups and downs and obstacles and ended in glory! 
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