Saturday, May 10, 2014

Aromatherapy for starters!

My interest in Aromatherapy began more than a decade ago. In fact I cannot exactly remember when and how. But it was somewhere in the early part of the century. All I can say is that a series of spiritual experiences and deep insights into human existence and karma led me to it. Much of my early introduction to the healing power of essential oils may have been ‘accidental ’  on the internet.

All I can say is that I began to take interest in essential oils and then began having very vivid dreams about them. I would dream of which oil to use for which ailment. If I thought of a problem and sought a solution for it, I would be ‘told’ about it in a dream.

I began studying different essential oils and their impact on the human psyche and mood. I ‘knew’ they could be used for Karmic healing, for clearing karma, correcting the wrongs done in past lives. Aroma from essential oils can invoke deep memories and have a deep impact on you and set right the ‘mood’ needed for clearing the Karma. It is also accompanied by other deliberate actions, which form part of personal insights.

The fact is, it is difficult to explain my experiences and that is perhaps why it has taken this long to pen down these thoughts and upload on the blog titled ‘Karmic Healing’. Yes the blog was set up for sharing insights into karmic healing. 

What view I hold about my experiences?  Those are for another time and day.

All I can say is that I’ve tested out many of the solutions since more than 10 years some on myself and some on friends and they have always had wondrous impact.

Why am I talking about these experiences now and that too in a blog? I finally decided to try and share this ‘knowledge’ with others. It’s not really something you can ‘learn’. It is more in the area of ‘feeling’. Those who are destined for this knowledge will be drawn to it, and those who already have it in their souls will be lead to it, sooner than later, by visiting this blog or by other means.

There is a lot on the internet on essential oils and aromatherapy. But it’s a personal journey. I want to start by sharing what I have experienced and present it as simply as possible, from the basics. Which are the essential oils to start your journey with? That would be the subject of my next post -My Essential Oil kit!

I would name the oils and then write about each of the oils.

Till then….

Pls see below my pic of a beautiful glass bottle with ‘Itr’ the traditional Indian perfume made of essential oils. The ‘Itr’ inside it was brought for me by a friend from Doha.

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