Saturday, June 7, 2014

5 must have Essential oils for karmic healing


If I were to suggest a few essential oils to start out with then I can think of atleast 5 great oils, which work well alone as well as in combination with each other. I am suggesting these  essential oils because of their versatility. This means that while they not only improve your spiritual and emotional well being, but can also be used for your day to day needs for personal care as well for medical purposes.  So while you use them around the house, evoking personal balance, they will also be helping to open channels on many levels for you. An exalted state will never leave you if you have them in your environment.

My first choice in a sort of Essential Oil Kit is lavender. An oil which is  helpful in treating all sorts skin conditions from burns to infections, besides promoting general well being. If you look up recipes for any disease in aromatherapy. Almost 80-90 percent will have lavender oil as part of its combination. 

The aromatherapy, however, which I espouse is not for medical treatment. Of course that is part of any healing. I look at Essential oils more for spiritual and thus karmic healing and the aroma of Lavender for me easily invokes the healing power of countless garden angels. As I sit right now with a bottle next to me, its gentle, soothing smell wafting up this summer afternoon, it reminds me of my own confidence. It whispers to you that you have an ability to handle anything and that you are well protected at some deep level.  It’s a must have and if you are starting out on your journey of discovery of Aromatherapy, my suggestion is to start with Lavender.

Ways of using it….
There are scores of way you can take the benefit of essential oils. Some of these are given below. Which method you use will depend on what you are using it for and your convenience.
Add a few drops in Til oil and use as a massage oil.
Add a few drops in a glass bottle and fill with water. Use this water as a mixture in your bath or sprinkle around the house.  
Mix a few drops in water and burn in oil diffuser.
Add to bath salts
Put 2-3 drops in cotton and place near pillow
Use a few drops on a kerchief and inhale frequently

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