Friday, June 27, 2014

Oils online!

Yesterday, it was a red letter day for me as I received a pack of oils which I had ordered online...for the first time. Till now I was dependent on oils which I procured in tiny 10 ml bottles from gift and other sundry shops. As you may be aware there are only a few shops in Delhi which keep oils and sell them on a retail basis. Many of these are big  showrooms with Essential Oils (EOs) and related products  tucked away somewhere in a corner. There is also Gulab Singh  Johrimal in Chandni Chowk, who have been in the business for almost 200 years. I remember my visit there nearly 7-8 years ago. A delightful place, with EOs in exquisite bottles in every nook and cranny of the grand old shop. I had bought beautiful small bottles then, some of which are still with me. There are scores of other dealers in aromatic oils in Chandni Chowk and other parts of Delhi, but most of them sell wholesale products.  Then there is  Kirti Stores in Khan market, which sells all sorts of mystical objects,, feng shui products and religious artifacts,  with branches in other parts of Delhi. Most of the oils which I have with me have been bought from Kirti Stores over the years and they have fared excellently in all the combinations I've tried out since the past more than ten years.

Recently I came across the FB page and website of 'Moksha' which are selling 'pure' EOs and carrier oils online. I'm sure these oils are very reliable. I had ordered a  mix of oils which I already have and some new one's  like Cucumber and Sunflower carrier oils. Since today is new Moon day, can't wait to try the oils with some new recipes. My intention of ordering some oils which I already have was to compare oils procured from different outlets and see how they fare in actual combinations.

Happy experimenting to me!  

 My new oils....

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